Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Baby Centurion Helm pattern

Baby Centurion Helm

For an approximately 16” head
Made with worsted acrylic, I used US 4 double-pointed needles
4.5 sts/in
Yarn needle

CO 42. Work flat in garter, 6 ridges or 1.5”, switch to stockinette. RS: K5, pm, K 32, pm, K5. WS: P5, K32, P5, etc. Once 2” of length is reached, cast on 28 across the “face” portion of the helmet by backwards loop cast-on and join in the round (70 sts total). Knit the 5 edge stitches in garter, the back of the head in stockinette to the 2nd marker, and then garter across the “face” portion. Continue in this manner until 6 ridges have been completed above the face portion, knit all stitches until hat measures 4” tall from the face portion on up. Decrease according to your preferred method. I divide the stitches into 4 (more or less since the total st count isn't divisible by 4) and do *rnd 1: K to 2 before marker, ssk, slip marker, k2tog* around, then rnd 2: knit. When 8 sts remain, cut yarn and draw through stitches, secure.

For the eyepiece:

CO 38. Knit 4 rows stockinette, ending with wrong side. (if using long tail cast on, you will only need 3 rows). Next row, knit each live stitch together with the cast-on stitch of that column, forming a welt. Knit a few rows, on one RS row, k3, Make bobble, K to 4 stitches remaining, make bobble, K 3. (I made my bobble by Kfbf in the same stitch, turning, purling 3, and then Sl1, K2tog, psso to bring it back to 1 stitch). K 2 rows. Begin to short row: K to 3 sts from edge, work preferred short row method, p to 3 from edge, short row. K to 3 from short row, p to 3 from short row, etc. Repeat until 20 sts remain un-short-rowed. K 1 row, picking up wraps or closing short rows in your preferred manner. Knit in garter for a few rows, bind off. Use tails to attach eyepiece to helm (it shouldn’t move much).

For ridge (panache-ish):
I didn’t take good notes here.

CO approximately 25 sts. Knit flat in stockinette for ~1”. Purl a turning ridge. Knit in stockinette for 1”. Bind off leaving long tail. Use tail to attach ridge to helm.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

An Alien Face-hugger to knit

These are not complete, test-knit, or very good but you are welcome to them!

Alien Facehugger
US 4 DPNs for body, US 3 DPNs for legs
Sewing-up needle
Pipe cleaners (if you want body structure/pose-ability)
contrasting waste yarn
Polyfill or stuffing of choice
1 skein Cascade 220 or other worsted yarn (I did use nearly the whole skein)
2 skeins Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino for legs
BC: slip 2 sts to cable needle, hold in back, K2, K sts from needle
FC: slip 2 sts to cable needle, hold in front, K2, K sts from needle
Body (starts at tail)
With larger needles and worsted yarn, CO 4.
Work 5 “rows” of icord.
Inc 2 over row (I use “make 1” increases where possible), knit 8 rounds (split onto 2 needles).
Inc 2 over row, (K 10 rnds, inc 2) twice. Length approx 5” at this point.
Continue knitting in stockinette, increasing apace, but every 8th or 9th round, insert a purl round, until tail reaches ~14” (26 sts around)
Inc 10 sts spaced over a few rounds, 36 sts. Begin body cable.
Staghorn body cable: (from Field Guide to Knitting)
Knit the wrong side (belly), and even-numbered rows in plain stockinette.
Place marker on either side of 16 st cable repeat
1. (RS) K4, BC, FC, K4
3. K2, BC, K4, FC, K2
5. BC, K8, FC

Execute 9 repeats of staghorn cable AT THE SAME TIME increasing 2 sts for every 2 repeats (I think sometimes I increased 3 per round as it got fatter), length ~21” at this point.
Begin “thorax”:
Should be 46 sts at this point, if not, do a round or two to get to count.
1 rnd plain,
1 rnd inc 4 (on the “back” of the monster only)
2 rnds plain
Repeat in a similar fashion until you have 21 sts on the “belly” and 31 on the “back”.
At this point, you will begin to knit flat, on the “belly” stitches only, to leave a slit between the stomach and back.
Knit 10 rows, break yarn.
Re-join and knit flat on the “back”, inserting 2 rows of reverse stockinette every so often for ridges (I did not note how I spaced these out). Knit 10 rows, join again in the round.

(at this point, or even before, it is a good time to place stabilizing pipe cleaners inside the tail and stuff it).
Knitting in the round, (K 4 rnds, dec 2 from “back”) twice.
Before you get too much farther, knit the “pods” as mentioned below.
Pods (attached to sides of body): make two
I am told these are the air sacs that keep the victim alive whilst being face-hugged; I achieved them thusly:
Pick up 16 sts around each opening on the side of the beast.
K 1 rnd.
Continue knitting, increasing 4 per round at “edges” (if the monster were laying flat, so they will be wide and flat. If it helps, place markers at the “edges” and increase to each side of them) until the “pod” measures 48 sts.
K 4 rnds
Decrease mirroring the pattern of increases (without a plain knit round between after the first set), perhaps decreasing more frequently towards the end, stuff the pod before closing it off.

Back to the body:
Dec 2 from the “back”, Knit ~1”, adding purl ridges to “back” only (if desired), decreasing until body measures 40 sts. *At this time you will prepare to add the legs. 2 sts from “edge” of the body, with contrasting waste yarn, K 5. Place sts back on needles, knit with main yarn. Do this for each side. Knit the body repeating this step 3 more times for 8 legs total, with 5 rnds (or so, you can add more if you don’t want the legs to be so close together) in between each leg. After 2nd leg set, decrease 2 sts per space between legs. Maintain purl rounds on the “back” of the alien only.

* AT THE SAME TIME as you prep the body, the “belly” will have a “sucker” cable on it. I didn’t write down exactly how I did it, but it was similar to the staghorn cable.
1. K4, FC, BC, K4.
Plain rnd
3. K2, FC (purling the sts that will be in the middle of the sucker), P4, BC, K2
Knit the knits, purl the purls
5. K2, P8, K2
Knit the knits, purl the purls
Reverse the steps to close the cable

After all the legs’ waste yarn is in place, K 2 rnds, decreasing 4 sts, place sts on a holder. Knit legs.

Legs: (make 8)
On smaller needles and with smaller yarn, CO 4.
K 2 rnds in icord.
Inc 2, divide on to 2 needles
2 rnds plain.
Inc 2, 2 rnds plain, until it measures 16 sts distributed over 4 needles (or whatever is your preference).
K until tube measures ~4.5”.
Work 2 short rows (there and back) across 12 of the 16 leg stitches for the knee. Insert a pipe cleaner and stuff the lower leg. Continue in the round for 3.5”, switch to larger yarn. First rnd purl.
K 4 rnds, purl a rnd, K 3 rnds, p 1 rnd, K 3 rnds, place stitches on waste yarn. (Leave a long tail for grafting).

Once you have all your legs, open the waste yarn holes on the body one at a time and place them on spare dpns. Put the leg on spare needles as well, and graft to the body as best as you can (making sure the pipe cleaner enters the body and connects to whatever other pipe cleaners you have in there). The leg has more stitches than the body, so some leg stitches will need to be doubled or otherwise distributed (if I did this again, I would change something about this part, my grafting was messy). Make sure the legs are bending in the right direction for the monster. Once you have all the legs attached, finish stuffing the body if need be, and put the body on the needles. Over 3 rnds or so, decrease to a handful of stitches and break yarn, drawing the end through the sts to bind off. (you can tell I stopped taking good notes at the end, huh).

Enjoy your facehugger and scare your friends!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Free pattern to test knit: A Very Modern Monster

Well hello.

 Here's a free pattern I am hosting to be test-knit and then hopefully for-real knit for the 600 Monsters Strong for Connecticut project. Please knit and comment here if you encounter issues/have improvements for the pattern, or view the Ravelry group 600 Monsters Strong to comment there.

A Very Modern Monster

This monster can be made with lots of mod and color choices for a unique toy

Supplies: US 4 knitting needles (or whatever size needed to get gauge)
Approximately 200 yards worsted weight yarn
Yarn needle
Washable stuffing
Small amount of contrast-color waste yarn
Stitch marker/pin (optional)
Stitch holder (optional)
Crochet hook (optional)

Tension: 24 sts and 8 rows to 4 inches yields a monster ~11” tall. Larger yarn and needles are okay to use to make a larger monster, as long as you have a nice firm gauge.

Glossary: K: knit
CO: Cast on
Magic Cast on: see http://knitty.com/ISSUEspring06/FEATmagiccaston.html for a good tutorial on this cast on
* *: repeat the instructions between asterisks
KFB: knit in the front and back legs of the stitch to increase by 1 stitch
KFBF: knit in the front, back, and front leg again to increase by 2 stitches
SSK: Slip a stitch knitwise, slip a stitch purlwise, return stitches to left-hand needle, knit through the back loop for a left-leaning decrease
K2Tog: knit two stitches together for a right-leaning decrease
Rnd(s): Round(s)
Sl: Slip the stitch
PU: pick up stitches
RS: right side I-cord: Knit across sts, without turning work bring yarn back to right-hand side and knit, pulling firmly.
SK2PSSO: Slip 1,
K2Tog, Pass slipped stitch over for a decrease of 2 sts
BO: bind off

Body: Using Magic Cast on, CO 22 over both needles, which is 44 in the round.
Mark end of round with marker or pin if desired
K 1 rnd
Increase: *KFB, K19, KFB, K1* twice (48 sts)
K 2 rnds *KFB, K21, KFB, K1* twice (52 sts)
K 4 rnds *KFB, K23, KFB, K1* twice (56 sts)
K 4 rnds *KFB, K25, KFB, K1* twice (total 60 sts)
Knit 22 rounds or until piece measures ~4.5 inches.
Arm set-up row:
K 27, begin to knit with contrast color waste yarn: K6, Sl 6 sts back to left-hand needle, K 6 with working yarn. K until 3 sts before end of round. Using another piece of waste yarn, K 6. Sl 6 sts back to L needle, K 6 with working yarn, K to end of next round. K 17 rnds, or until piece measures ~7”.
If you want to make a tail, consider adding it here.
Decrease rnd: K1, SSK, K 24, K2Tog, K2, SSK, K 24, K2Tog, K1
K 2 rnds
K1, SSK, K 22, K2Tog, K2, SSK, K 22, K2Tog, K1
K 2 rnds
Break yarn, put body sts on waste yarn or other holder. (At this point, it is a good idea to add eyes and any mods to the top of the monster, weave in ends, and knit the arms)

Arms: Carefully pull out 1 st of waste yarn at a time, placing 6 bottom sts on one needle and 7 top sts on another as they become live. K 6 bottom sts, PU 1 st around the arm hole, K 7 top sts, PU 1 st, (15 sts). K 22 rnds, or ~3 in. *K2, K2Tog* around, (12 sts) K 1 rnd *K2, K2Tog* around, (9 sts) K 1 rnd Break yarn, draw tail through lives sts using yarn needle and secure. Repeat for arm 2. Weave in ends, stuff arms.

Legs: Should be 52 sts on waste yarn/holders. Starting at front center of monster, put 26 sts on needles (left leg). K 26 Using Cable Cast on, CO 8 sts and join in the round for leg (34 sts). K 4 rnds Knit around, decreasing 4 sts evenly spaced. K 27 rnds or until leg measures ~4 in. *K2, K2Tog* around (23 sts) K 2 rnds *K2, K2Tog* (18 sts) K 1 rnd *K2Tog* (9 sts) Break yarn, draw tail through and secure. Leg 2: Put remaining 26 sts on needles. K 26. PU 8 sts from top of leg 1, join in the round. Complete as for leg 1. Before binding off, stuff any remaining insides, weave in ends, etc.


Use these (or any other) cool mods to make your monster unique. Just remember to attach all extra parts securely for children’s safety!

Bow/Bowtie: CO 5
Rows 1-3: K
Row 4: K2Tog, K3 (4 sts)
Row 5: K2Tog, K2 (3 sts)
Row 6: K2Tog, K1 (2 sts)
Row 7: KFBF twice (6 sts)
Row 8: SK2PSSO twice (2 sts)
Row 9: K2 Row 10: KFB, K1 (3 sts)
Row 11: KFB, K2 (4 sts)
Row 12: KFB, K3 (5 sts)
Row 13-14: K BO

Antennae: Using a needle or crochet hook, PU 4 sts from monster head. Holding the RS facing, begin working in I-cord 8 rows (or more if desired). KFB 4 times. Knitting in the round again, k2 rnds. K2Tog 4 times. Break yarn, draw through live sts and secure. Repeat for a 2nd antenna.

Tail: To make a larger tail while knitting the monster body, use the same method for the arms. To set up, use a piece of contrast color waste yarn and knit 6-9 sts. Slip those sts to the left-hand needle, then knit them again with the main color. When it comes time to knit the tail, pull out the waste yarn and place the sts on needles. K in the round until tail reaches desired length. To make a tail after the fact (or a skinny tail) use the same method as the antennae.

 Pocket: Can be a plain pocket or mouth for the monster!
CO 12 sts
Row 1: P 1
Row 2: K1, KFB, K 8, KFB, K1 (14 sts)
Row 3: P
Row 4: K1, KFB, K 12, KFB, K 1 (16 sts)
Row 5: P 1 row
Rows 6-11: Work 6 rows in stockinette stitch
Row 12, 14: K1, (P2, K2) 3 times, P2, K1
Row 13, 15: P1, (K2, P2) 3 times, K2, P1 BO in ribbing.
Using matching yarn and yarn needle, stitch sides and bottom of pocket to monster, leaving top open.

Hey look! a Monster! hammer 015

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Todo Mundo con la Lengua Fuera

I've been watching a little too much Mun2 tv.... (channel 603, you know you want to).

Non sequitor:

pogo 006

pogo 004

pogo 001

Aaaaand I'm spent.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dedication (?)

A friend commented the other day that I was so dedicated to the craft, after browsing my blog. I kinda laugh-snorted because I think its been a few weeks since I've made anything up here, and I was even contemplating giving it up, as I am not horribly dedicated to it.

In any case, here are some photos.

yesterday 033
yesterday 029

yesterday 022

yesterday 008

yesterday 006

yesterday 001

Feel free to fill in your own captions.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Some things

I have already succeeded in my quest to knit 11 objects in 2011. Since it went so quickly, I think I will go for 22! Sorry for the long pause, there was studying, then a test, and then a bunch of other excuses! I'll try to make up for it with lots of photos. I seem to be in a green phase lately.

rbp 037

Ready for a button band

rbp 032

That soccer thing

rbp 026

New pattern I wrote almost ready for publication. This had is the small version.

rbp 020

Spinning with dirty fingers.

rbp 023

The result was poorly carded and over-plied so I gave it to Lisa.

Today I'm off work, so I plan to do all the things. And buy buttons.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Another FO

(My eighth of the year, wahoo!)

espiral 003


espiral 005

Should be a wee bit longer, but I love it anyway. Berocco Ultra Alpaca fine on 2's! It was a bit slow for a hat but worth it.